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Updated at: 2021-05-16 21:06:02+00:00


  • succeeded: Package has built successfully and can be used to build further packages.
  • failed: The package does not build successfully. No packages have been created. Packages that depend on this package will be built using any previously created packages, if they exist.
  • unresolvable: The build can not begin, because required packages are either missing or not explicitly defined.
  • broken: The sources either contain no build description (e.g. specfile), automatic source processing failed or a merge conflict does exist.
  • blocked: This package waits for other packages to be built. These can be in the same or other projects.
  • scheduled: A package has been marked for building, but the build has not started yet.
  • dispatching: A package is being copied to a build host. This is an intermediate state before building.
  • building: The package is currently being built.
  • signing: The package has been built successfully and is assigned to get signed.
  • finished: The package has been built and signed, but has not yet been picked up by the scheduler. This is an intermediate state prior to 'succeeded' or 'failed'.
  • disabled: The package has been disabled from building in project or package metadata.
  • excluded: The package build has been disabled in package build description (for example in the .spec file) or does not provide a matching build description for the target.
  • unknown: The scheduler has not yet evaluated this package. Should be a short intermediate state for new packages.